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LIKEABLE BRANDS is a San Francisco based BRANDING AGENCY that partners with organizations to develop the VERY BEST Brand Strategies and unique Brand Experiences in the digital landscape. 

Technology has given birth to the MILLENNIAL CONSUMER, a generation that is larger than the Baby Boomer generation and three times larger than Generation X. Part of this group’s sophisticated DNA has evolved to adapt to noisy, crowded market places. PROFICIENT in leveraging everything from Spam Filters and Caller ID to Digital Video Recorders and Satellite Radio, the Millennial Consumer knows how to eliminate unwanted messages. Today’s hyper competitive markets demand that companies captivate Millennial Consumers through NONINTRUSIVE, TIMELY and RELEVANT engagements. 

We combine FRESH ideas with the latest technology and PROVEN brand strategies to create innovative and compelling digital brand experiences. We create Likeable Brands.

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